Fraser and Fraser believe in transparency when dealing with fees. We never want to be in a situation where a beneficiary is questioning charges at the end of the case, it is why we are happy to list all the charges.


Fraser and Fraser, charge in several ways. The majority of the work we do for asset recovery will be as a percentage of the amount recovered, this percentage is usually 25%+VAT so if we were to recover £100 for you our fee would be £25+VAT or £30 and you would receive £70.


Fraser and Fraser will also charge, at cost, the price of any fees levied by the asset holder to release the money. For example, if there were £1000 of unclaimed shares and we had to pay £10 for a new share certificate to recover the shares then this cost would be removed first so the amount we recover would only be £990 and Fraser and Fraser’s fee would be calculated on this figure. This is the difference between charging our fee on the NET amount and the GROSS amount.

What are disbursements?

We will often quote our fee as ‘plus disbursements’, so what are they?
A disbursement is a payment from a fund made to suppliers on behalf of a customer, we use it to cover all fixed price extras that may be required. In the majority of cases where the agreed fee with the client is a percentage, there will be no disbursements. In a case where we are charging by the hour a disbursement will include the cost of a certificate, copy of a will, the cost if required of having a document witnessed, a bankruptcy check, divorce searches, re issue of a share certificate or something similar. Fraser and Fraser will charge disbursements at cost, i.e. we won’t make a profit by charging you more for a document then it cost us. The reason that we split these costs off is because we don’t have to charge VAT on disbursements.

When could Fraser and Fraser charge more?

If we start off a case doing an asset recovery case and find out the reason that an asset has remained unclaimed was the asset holder was deceased then the case would be treated as an estate case, and the asset would form part of the estate. If this is the situation we would follow the “best practice” recommendations conducting things like:

  • Will Searches £200+VAT
  • Asset search £500+VAT
  • Place section 27 notices up to £200
  • Probate fees for a grant application £157
  • Missing Beneficiary Insurance and missing Will Policy £ varied +Insurance premium tax
  • Funeral costs
  • Administration expenses


Not all of these will be required in every situation, Fraser and Fraser provide some of these services internally and we would look to recover these costs.