Where assets/unclaimed asset come from


Most importantly, we search for beneficiaries once we have identified a fund, and do not search for funds on behalf of an individual


The most important first step for us is to identify a fund where we search through our own databases, from:

  • Unclaimed shares
  • Money in Chancery
  • Unclaimed dividends
  • Dormant and unclaimed bank accounts
  • Premium bonds
  • Funds held in solicitors client accounts
  • Insurance policies
  • Unclaimed property and real estate
  • Unclaimed pension policies
  • Other related assets or investments

What do we mean by unclaimed asset?

The unclaimed asset can be anything financial or also known as ‘liquid assets’. For example, assets such as; stocks, bonds, dormant bank accounts, monies held by a custodian. This could also mean physical items from unclaimed estates.


How is this asset unclaimed?

There are many reasons for an asset to go unclaimed, paramount among these is that you have lost touch with the custodian of the asset and they are looking for you. In some cases the asset actually belongs to an estate, for which you may be beneficially entitled to.
In most cases it is usually just one asset that has gone unclaimed, however at times we have identified multiple assets owed to our clients.


What do I do?

We ask that you call or email us to get a better understanding of how you are involved. You are most likely the asset holder we seek and would like to provide you with as much information as possible to make an informed decision on how you should proceed.

What we don’t do

  • PPI
  • Historic money in chancery, where current interest rates make it un-economical
  • Searches for individuals looking for their own money