There are three main registers operating in the UK; Equiniti (Shareview), Computershare and Capita. Together they control the majority of the share registers for UK domiciled companies (that is, their country of incorporation is the UK).


Prosearch, Georgeson and Capita tracing are owned by large share registers and get instructions via them.


If you have received a letter from any of these three firms then Fraser and Fraser can help. We will in most situations beat the percentage offered by at least 2.5% and the process of us claiming, transferring or even the shares is straight forward. We are also able to check not just for the value of the shareholding but also any dividends that you can claim.


A share register is an active list of a company’s shares and the owners, together with their personal contact details. Every company is required to keep a list of its share holdings, this is easy when there are only a limited number of shares and shareholders, but a huge task if you are dealing with a large company. The share register may contain tens of thousands of names and addresses and this is where the share registrars come in as they have the ability to manage the lists.


As with every large list of individuals it needs to be kept up to date. Statistics show that in the UK the average person now moves home every 23 years. This means that over 370,000 people moved home in 2017, so any lists of addresses can very quickly becomes out dated.


In order to reengage with clients, share registers need to use the same tracing methods that we do, so over the last few years they have either brought in or set up their own tracing teams.


These tracing agents all work for the share registers and have no competition as they are the only ones who have the data. They use a shot gun approach for their research, sending out lots of letters with little engagement or explanation with the client. Some of their researchers are expected to complete at least 50+ cases a day every day. Their agreements often look like they are giving you options but really what they don’t point out is the “administration fee” of between 12.5% and 25%.


So, if you have been approached by any of these firms just send or email us a copy or photograph of the paperwork and we should be able to solve it and recover your money for you, saving you money in the process.