What is an asset search?

An asset search utilizes our resources, contacts, and access to certain records to locate any unclaimed financial assets that may be owed to you, or someone you know.

What are the types of assets which can be found through an asset search?

Typically the assets we locate are stocks, bonds, shares, dormant/live bank accounts, pensions, excess payments. There are various types of all of these assets and also various institutions, and custodians who hold these assets.

How is an asset recovery conducted?

There is no straight forward or one place to simply check with ease and no expense. We have access to many different public records and databases that we can search through for a positive match.

How much does it cost?

Each search is different and it all depends on the custodian of the asset. We do not charge to be engaged in an asset recovery, our fee is only applicable when a successful claim has been made with the information we provide. However, the custodian of the asset may apply minimal administration fees, depending on the value and type of asset. We will pay these fees upfront to make a claim possible and will deduct these fees, at cost, at the end of case proceedings. Our fee is only applicable in the event of a successful outcome. There are no upfront costs and we will disclose to you all the information we know before a fee is charged. Our fee is on a percentage basis, at our standard rate of 25% plus VAT. If you are a resident outside of the EU, VAT is not applicable to the services rendered. In all cases, we offer the possibility of having our fee deducted at source, meaning that you may never actually have to hand us any monies for the services rendered.

If for any reason you are unable to receive any monies from the result of our disclosure, then there is no fee applied. All administration costs will be absorbed by us and we will close our file.

How long does an asset recovery take?

Please visit our timeline page.

You have approached me about an asset?

If we have approached you about an unclaimed asset, we have already done the leg work and successfully located an unclaimed asset. Please do contact us to discuss the matter and once an agreement is in place, we can assist with the recovery of the asset.

How long will a claim take?

This again all depends on the custodian of the asset and the type of asset. Once a claim is underway, the best case scenario will be 3 months to distribution. On average however, claims usually may take at least 6 months to reach the point of distribution.

I receive the former owners post and it contains share information or checks, can you help?

Yes see additional services

How did you find me?

We utilise many public records such as electoral roll, in order to determine your current location. We also cross reference this information with birth, marriage, death records, to determine the possibility of you being the correct person we are looking for.

I am not aware of owning any lost assets?

This is the purpose of our business. We believe to have identified an unclaimed asset belonging to you; without our information, we believe that this asset will remain unclaimed indefinitely.

What is the asset?

We seek to identify unclaimed financial/liquid assets. In most cases, if you are the asset holder, this is an investment made during your lifetime, which we believe you are no longer benefiting from.

Your letter refers to a person’s estate?

As explained above, usually the asset holder is still alive and their asset is just lost/unclaimed. In some cases the asset holder has passed away and we are seeking to make contact with either the executor of the estate, or the beneficiaries to the estate. A claim can still be made as per the rules of intestacy, or direction of a Will.

What is the difference between asset search and asset recovery?

Asset searching is a totally separate service offered by Fraser and Fraser, and we can only conduct searches for assets of a deceased person. It is a search for assets that are unknown to an estate. Asset recovery is where we have already located an unclaimed asset and then we have conducted a search for the owner, in these situations no one has to have passed away before we are involved.