At Fraser and Fraser we pride ourselves on the quality and effectiveness of our research. For us, every case is different and so the time it takes us to recover your asset can vary. The below timeline will give you an indication of how we carry out each case, depending on the situation. Click on the icons for more information about the processes involved.

Fund deposited

Funds can be anything from an investment of any sort, to a personal pension, an endowment, inheritance/assets or any other forms of deposit to which you may be entitled.

Fund/asset becomes inactive

When an asset becomes inactive or dormant it may be passed to a custodian, to be held indefinitely. This may affect the recovery process as we will have to adhere to the particular policy and procedures of the institution holding the asset.

Fraser and Fraser identifies dormant and unclaimed funds

By accessing public records we can find out if there are unclaimed assets owed to individuals. However, the information we recover can vary. For example, depending on the records, we may not be able to determine the total amount to be claimed until we are authorised to investigate further.


We used the data we have gathered to determine possible leads for us to follow. In most cases we are only able to match the name of the asset holder(s) and the last known contact address.

Research to identify the client

We carry out research using our vast range of  IT programmes and online tools, in addition to our own in-house library. The level of research needed successfully to locate the entitled individuals may depend on the asset holder’s circumstances since the custodian was last in contact. Time: approx. 1-4 weeks

Contact the Client

After we have identified a case, we contact you with information that you may be entitled to an unclaimed asset. We will send a contract agreement which you must sign and send back to us in order for us to progress with research.Time: approx.1-4 weeks.

Conduct Research

Once we receive the signed agreement back from you and after the 14 day cooling off period, we will immediately start to collate our research and documents necessary for us to provide further details of your entitlement and issue our Full Disclosure.Time: approx. 3-4 weeks.


From our research, we then write to you and inform you of what we have found. For us to continue you will then be required to complete and send back to us, a letter of authority and contact details form.Time: approx. 1-2 months

Value Disclosure

Upon receiving information in regards to the value owed, we notify you with this amount. In order for us to receive the funds from the authorities, we require you to send us identification of yourself – either original documentation or certified copies will be accepted. If you choose to send us any original identification documentation we will have them certified free of charge and send back your original by recorded delivery. Proof of residency is also required and a copy of your bank statement or utility bill no more than three months old should also be sent. We then submit your application to the custodian.Time: approx. 3-4 months.

Applications to fund holder submitted

Depending on the policy and procedures of the custodian and the type of asset identified, we will either be notified that the application has been approved, or there are further steps required in the claim process.

Any additional paperwork submitted

In special circumstances further paperwork or forms may need to be submitted to the custodian. If this is the case we will seek to make this transaction as easy as possible for all our clients.

Inheritance Distributed

Once all our paperwork and legalities have been reviewed and authorised, we will receive the monies into our account, deduct our fees in accordance to the signed fee agreement and send you out a cheque of your entitled funds. In cases where you have received the monies directly into your account, we request that you inform us immediately so we can then invoice you for our fees.Time: approx.1-2 months.